There are two types of sessions.  Dog Only and Family Sessions.  Read below for more information regarding those options.

Option 1: Dog Only Sessions:

Every dog has their day, and this session is EXACTLY that!  By purchasing this package you'll have images of your dog(s) to cherish forever.  I'll do my best to showcase their personality and after the shoot, I'll share their photo on social media for all to see!

I've photographed over 2,500 dogs, and met every temperament and personality along the way.  While I always encourage people to train their pets to sit and stay before meeting me for a shoot, there's nothing I can't handle!

Option 2: Family Sessions:

This session differs from the Dog Only Session in that the focus isn't just on the dogs, but on the people who raise them, too.  Having one dog pose for a photo can be a challenge, but having the whole family look into the lens at the same time, well that's nothing shy of a miracle!

That's why Family Sessions are twice as long, and include twice as many final images compared to the Dog Only Sessions.  Additionally, this option features more intensive post production editing to ensure everyone looks their best.  Even the serial blinker (you know who you are!).  

You can see examples of Family Sessions by clicking HERE.  

Refund Policy: Due to the nature of the session, a 100% refund is available within 48hrs of purchase. There is no refund offered for cancellations after 48hrs but you are welcome to transfer your session to someone else. Sessions cancelled due to inclement weather will be rescheduled if possible or a refund will be issued.  ZilkerBark will decide if a session needs to be cancelled.