ZilkerBarking a No-Kill Nation

2.6 million animals are put down each year, even though 30 million households acquire a new pet in that same timeframe.   There are currently about 8 million animals in shelters waiting to be adopted.  We know we can't save them all, but encouraging people to consider adopting first is a step in the right direction.

The goal of this project is fundraising for no-kill shelters.  In the last year we put on 12 events (9 of which sold out!) that have raised a total of over $60k for local shelters.  We plan to do 2-3 events per month in cities across the nation.

If you'd be interested in participating in an event, please click on your city below to signup for our email alert.

We'll be stopping at parks along the way, and we'd love to meet your dog.  So follow along, and we'll try our best to meet you and your dog.

2017 Schedule

September - December

Indianapolis IN

Cleveland OH

Buffalo NY

Burlington VT

Manchester NH

Portland ME 

Boston MA

Providence RI

Hartford CT

New Haven CT

Newark NJ

New York City NY

Philadelphia PA

Wilmington DE 

Washington DC

Richmond VA

Charleston WM

Lexington KY

Nashville TN

Asheville NC

Raleigh NC

Charleston SC

Savannah GA

Orlando FL

Tallahassee FL

Mobile AL

New Orleans LA

Baton Rouge LA


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