- How much is a portrait and what will we get for it?

Portraits are $10 each and each dog will have just a couple of minutes to grab the perfect shot. Each purchase will include a digital file for your printing needs.

- Can I get a photo in each booth?

No, sorry, only one portrait/one booth per dog! Choose wisely… :)

- Can I be in the photo with my dog?

No. Sorry, these photo sets will not have the physical space to accompany a person.

- Can I bring a pet that is not a dog?

Yes, but please keep in mind that there will be many, MANY, dogs around. It might not be the best environment for a cat, but we did have a pig show up one year who photographed beautifully!

- Can I have more than one dog in a photo?

No, sorry!

- How and when will I receive the photo of my dog?

Photos will be sent 2-3 days after the event to the email that you signed up with. Photos will be available for digital download, the process is quite simple!

- Where can I park?

Head to The Thinkery garage within the Mueller center; there will be parking in that garage and the nearby lot, right next to our event setup.

- How can I make sure my dog does the best they can do?

GREAT QUESTION, and thanks for asking! ;) The answer is simple: exercise your dog(s) before you come, arrive early to allow your dog to become comfortable with the environment, practice "Sit" and "Stay" in a busy environment! Lastly, and most importantly, if your dog has dog or people reactivity concerns, please communicate this to us in advance! We'll do our best to get you in before the event begins. Please do not jeopardize the experience of others by bringing a reactive dog during regular event hours. We are VERY well versed in the ways of the dog and want to make sure your dog's experience is a success!

- How can I have a great time?

Come excited! Be patient! And most importantly, be responsible for your pet. This means keeping your dog on leash, being prepared with poop bags and being respectful of those around you. Sometimes our dogs can be ill behaved, please do not let your dog's behavior impact the experience of others.

Questions, comments, concerns? Email us: