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Dog Challenge Zones

Thanks for your interest in joining our dog challenges during the Texas Pet Tour events with H-E-B. Here are some important details to know before signing up!

When: Sunday 5/19
Where: Mueller Lake Park
What to bring: Your dog(s), a leash
Why: To show the world your dog’s talents!

On Sunday, May 19th, we will be hosting a dog event with H-E-B call the Texas Pet Tour. During the event, there will be a series of dog challenges. These include: a relay race, obedience competition, and talent show!

While it will be fun to see dogs excelling in each contest, the truth is, we're even more excited for the fails! :) Like the team of pugs who give it their all in the relay races. The energetic pup who cannot sit still for the obedience challenge. Or, the goofy golden who can’t catch a ball to save his life! We look forward to seeing it all.

Here's a breakdown of what to expect at the event to better prepare you for the experience!

  • Relay Races

    • Eight teams of four (you can sign up individually and be matched before the event)

    • Each dog will need to run one way (about 50ft)

    • "Competing" teams will run side by side with divider gate in the middle

    • If you know people who are also participating, we encourage you to team up with them.

  • Obedience competition

    • Two groups of 16

    • Dogs will be placed in an outlined space, directly across from their owners

    • The ZB team will execute a series of distractions to try to get the dogs to leave the outlined area

    • Last dog standing will be deemed the winner!

    • We encourage you to practice your sit and stays, but more than anything, all dogs are good dogs so even if your dog leaves the box, we're still very proud of them :)

  • Dog Talent Show

    • Anyone who wants to show their dog's talent is allowed to perform, but there are only NINE spots available!

    • No talent too big or too small

      • This could be doing a real good sit, playing dead or jumping realllllly high, the dog talent show is your opportunity to show your pups special skills! 

    • Talent show winner will be determined by crowd cheers

    • All dogs participating the talent show will receive a pupfessional rating from @WeRateDogs!

We appreciate you participating in our challenges and hope you have a great time.  Most importantly, we want to make sure that all of the dogs have a swell time, too. If your dog has anxiety in crowds, reactivity to people or dogs, or your dog simply doesn’t have strong recall, it may be best that you do not enter them into these challenges. While the area will be gated off, the dogs in this area will be off leash when they are “competing”. Thank you for understanding!

If you feel good about entering your dog, head to the link below!

If you have questions, please let us know.  And if you want your dog to exceed your expectations, arrive early and let them get their energy out with the other dogs at Mueller Park! :)

-Alex & the ZB Team -