Hey all!

If you've come here looking for your dog(s), you're close!  

Last week I experienced a software issue with my phone, which unfortunately hadn't been backed up since late in November.  The result was a loss in content.  Meaning, all of the notes I had written down about the dogs I photographed in that time were gone.  

Typically, if I fail to ask or fail to write down a dog's name, I give it placeholder name (typically that name is 'Basil', because I just think that name is the greatest) until the owner of the dog comments something like "Uhhh... pretty sure that's my dog, and their name is Frank."  Rather than have the next 30 dogs I post be named Basil, I'd like to give the owners an opportunity to fill in the blanks for me! 

So find your dog(s) in the following albums and either screenshot the image and Direct Message me on Instagram with the proper information, or email me with the photo # and information.

You can find your dog(s) here:


Alex (& Sid)