Hey all!

If you received a link to this page, that means you've been selected for tonight's super cool meetup!

Congrats! You da man or woman!

I'm sure you have a lot of questions, so take a look at answers below, and if you still have questions you can contact me via email: zilkerbark@gmail.com  If you can't attend tonight's meetup, that's okay!  There will be more in the future.  Please do not email me asking if you can attend the next one.

Meetup Info/Details:

  • Time/Location

    • Meetup will take place this evening (Friday 9/16) from 6:30pm until sunset
    • The location will be at ZilkerPark, just east of the volleyball court
  • Itinerary

    • 6-7pm - Cool dogs and cool people hanging out and socializing
      • I'll be taking a few photos and meeting people but the overall goal is to bring dog people together.  Soon, Zilker Park will be closing down for ACL and then again for the Trail of Lights.  These meetups are a way for us dog people to stick together and figure out new, awesome locations to have cool dog meetups!  So please be social and meet fellow dog lovers and also become best friends.  Or don't and be boring.... ;)
      • Show up whenever you'd like!
    • 7-7:20pm - Your opportunity to get any last minute training in with your dog(s) because the obedience competition is about to begin
    • 7:20pm until Sunset - The obedience competition
      • The obedience competition will be a chance for your dog(s) to showcase their ability to "stay".  And trust me, there will be PLENTY of distractions.
      • We'll split up into four groups, each group will face the challenge of keeping their dog in a designated area for as long as they can.  The final four dogs in the boundary from each group will move on to the next round.  There will be three rounds.  The final round will feature the four dogs who "stay" the best.  One winner will be decided and will be crowned Best Stayer! :)
      • The Best Stayer will receive their Prize and get their photo taken as the Cool Dog of The Month.

Important things to note:

  • Please bring a leash for your dog
    • Dogs will ideally be leashed during the final two rounds of the competition so that those dogs competing can concentrate on their mission!
  • Please be respectful of everyone attending the meetup and of the park itself
    • Pick up after and bring water for your pet.
    • If you believe your pet may have issues with aggression towards other dogs or people, please take necessary precautions to ensure nothing bad happens.  If you have issues with an aggressive pet, please get in touch with me, I'd be happy to help in any way that I can outside of this meetup.
    • If you believe you pet may not do well in a group of 40 dogs, it may be best that you do not attend this meetup.  While any and all dogs are welcome at Zilker at anytime, it's still your responsibility as a pet owner to be in control of your pet at all times!  It's always important to promote and strive for healthy pets, both physically and mentally.  
  • Secrets to winning the obedience competition:
    • Practice! Practice! Practice! 
    • Exercise your dog PLENTY before the competition begins.

Message me if you have any questions.  Looking forward to meeting everyone tonight! 

Alex (+ Sid & Zeva) - zilkerbark@gmail.com