Dogs of Austin - The Book


ZilkerBark is proud to present, Dogs of Austin!  

This 9.5" x 9.5" hardcover photo book is a great addition to any coffee table! 

The book is includes the dogs of Austin as well as other parts of the country.

There are eight chapters in this book

  • Chapter 1: The Many Faces Of
    • A series of dogs who just cannot keep a straight face
  • Chapter 2: Made Up Dog Facts
    • Facts about dogs that are absolutely not true, maybe
  • Chapter 3: So Fetch
    • A chronicle of dogs and their love to fetch
  • Chapter 4: Head Tilts for World Peace
    • Dogs tilting their heads in the name of world peace (obviously)
  • Chapter 5: Down to Party Corgis
    • The not so secret love affair that corgi's have with partying.
  • Chapter 6: Derpy Dogs
    • Dogs, doing quality derps!
  • Chapter 7: Puppy Progress Photos
    • The progress of six different dogs, from puppy to adult
  • Chapter 8: Stories From Elsewhere
    • Stories of dogs from around the country, living very unique lives
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