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About ZilkerBark

Austin’s Dog Photographer

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It’s a great day to be a dog!

Those are the words we live by here at ZilkerBark.

ZilkerBark began in the spring of 2015. The project was founded by Alex Hopes, mostly on accident. Alex had been a Zilker Park regular with his dog Sid for many years, but it wasn’t until 2015 the he started to use his camera at the park. After snapping dog after dog and sharing the photos on Instagram, Austinites began to take notice. Suddenly, ZilkerBark became a voice for the dog community of Austin and a beacon of positivity for those who followed the account.

To date, this small project has turned into more than 25,000 dogs photographed and more than $165,000 raised for animal related non-profits! Alex likes to point out that by now, ZilkerBark has likely photographed everyone’s friend’s dog!

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Alex, Chief Treat Keeper

Alex, our CTK, is a colorblind dog lover who also happens to be a photographer. In the winter of 2012, Alex moved to Austin with his dog Sid. He had never visited Austin before, didn’t have a job lined up and didn’t know anyone in the city, but once he saw Zilker Park, he knew he had made the right decision. While Alex’s passion is to photograph dogs, he also satisfies his soul by discovering the best breakfast tacos in town and chasing down frisbees playing ultimate frisbee. He has three dogs, all rescues, who he loves to spend his down time with. If you ever have a photo session with him, you’ll know that he’s happiest when surrounded by his canine companions!

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Chris, VP of Squeaks

As an Austinite, Chris has seen a lot of changes in Austin over the years, but one thing that hasn’t changed is our city’s passion for animals. It wasn't until he picked up a camera five years ago and finally adopted a dog of his own that he realized photography and dogs made perfect sense. After volunteering at the local shelters for months, a deaf, senior dog caught his eye, and Charlie became his new best friend. After years of photographing dogs at the shelter and in the community, it was just a matter of time before he joined the ZilkerBark team. With a passion for giving back to the community, he's served on the non-profit board of Austin Animal Center (the largest no-kill shelter in the country) and has helped raise funds for animals that come through AAC. On weekends you can usually find Chris outside on the trail, at a new restaurant or event with a camera, and always making friends with dogs and their owners around the city.



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Images of our photographers captured by Jenna Krackenberger.